A true nutrient powerhouse, EVERIST is formulated with many other premium ingredients; it also features a very special and RARE specie of barley only found 5000m above sea level in the HIMALAYAN regions in TIBET. Grown in harsh environment & high altitude regions, this rare barley contains abundance of vital nutrients, more than 80 types of minerals and has the lowest glycemic index (GI) compared to all other grains on earth. It is the only grain to contain high levels of soluble fibres and almost 50 times more β-glucan, both of which are highly responsible for reducing bad cholesterol and improving our HDL/LDL ratios!

Everist is a premium product specially formulated with a life - sustaining grain as its main ingredient that grows 5000m above sea level in the Himalayan regions where the air is pure, water is clean, with plenty of sunlight and soil is fertile and unspoilt.