VANTROS is in the business of helping individuals to achieve personal growth and financial success through the “ VANTROS SUCCESS SYSTEM ”
The Vantros Group
Vantros is a Joint-Venture company between the MyVantros Group (Malaysia) and the GHG GROUP from the U.S.A, based in China. With this new setup, the Vantros Group today brings with it more than 60 years of network marketing experience and expertise from within the Asia Pacific region and more than 30 years of cutting-edge healthcare product development, know-how and technology from the GHG Group. This timely and strategic Joint-Venture becomes a potentially-powerful platform in Asia aimed at providing a Comprehensive Health Solution Platform (CHSP) to the Asian community in particular and to the world at large.
Strategic Global Alliances With World-Renown Institutions

Szone (USA) - University of California (USA) - American Institute of Cancer Research (USA) - University of North Florida (USA) Kyushu University (JAPAN) - XIAMEN University (CHINA) - FUDAN University (CHINA) - Suzhou University (CHINA) - Inner Mongolia University (CHINA)


Vantros Network